We distribute products for brands and wholesalers on marketplaces worldwide

Marketplaces have taken an impressive step forward within the current economy, with a 1+ trillion (1,000,000,000 USD) annual turnover – growing by double digits each year. Given this open opportunity, many unknown brands have begun to establish a position in the online retail market.

From an operational and contractual point of view, working within global marketplaces is an incomparable business case – which is why most companies don’t reach their potential.

Marketplace Distri takes on these responsibilities – developing your brand and growing your sales. Our suppliers enjoy reaching their full potential in the international marketplace.

Benefits at a glance:

  • No operational or contractual hassle – traditional B2B trade
  • Our company does no other business – marketplace specialists
  • International presence of your brand – on the top industry sites
  • Active in 15+ countries – opportunity to choose your markets
  • Creating peace of mind – free to develop your core channels

and more...

About Us

Our company has launched because there are constant changes in demands by the e-commerce giants.
We also have a strong belief that in today’s world, brands only have a future by acting on a global scale.

10+ years experience in cross-border e-commerce

Specialized and trained staff (20+ FTE)

Since 2011 high volume sales on international e-commerce platforms

Our company does no other business – marketplace specialists

Played Manufacturer and Distributor roles

Amazon Preferred Partner

Getting in Touch is Easy!

Marketplace Distri,
Chamber of Commerce: 73146676
Phone Number: 00390583392772
Warehouse: Sprengenweg 1, 6541BZ, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Financial HQ: Molenstraat 18A, 2513BK, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Italian office: Piazza Dei Servi 12, 55100, Lucca, Italy